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Arizona Sunrays Gymnastics & Dance Center

By 2015, Arizona Sunrays Gymnastics and Dance Center had outgrown their existing facility. Not only were they training elite gymnasts, but had been embraced by the community near and far for after school programs, summer camps, special events, performances, and community projects.  With a strong desire to upgrade and expand, Dan and Julie Witenstein purchased a project site, about a mile north of what has become their headquarters for over 25 years. The opportunity to build from scratch was both daunting and appealing, and required extensive zoning modifications, programming, and a leap of faith.


Holly Street Studio designed a building around the epicenter of the operation - the gymnasium. Following the lines of a sloping roof, daylight enters the space through clerestories of translucent panels with exposed structure floating above. The office wing flanks the length of the north wall where visitors, parents, students of all ages and athletes arrive. A viewing mezzanine is located above - designed for full view to the floor below and a comfortable place for parents to engage in the action or take advantage of a quiet respite. Dance studios which were previously located in a satellite facility are now also under the same roof with access to exterior performance and play zones to the east. Today the facility boasts an increase in athletes of all ages and abilities as well as a growing pre-school. The building was sited to accommodate expansion, giving Dan and Julie some space to consider - perhaps, just one more - leap of faith.









phoenix, az 

34,000 sf

$4.2 million

fall 2017

chasse building company

ame engineers

doug woodward, pe

gbtwo landscape architects

matt winquist

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