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Phoenix College Physical Sciences Building

In 2016, Maricopa Community College District found that a beloved 1969 campus landmark was in need of a complete interior renovation.

Known as the “C Building Project”, the renovation transformed the outdated, inward-facing stack of classrooms into a contemporary learning lab for chemistry, physical sciences, and engineering. The new design utilizes natural light to permeate through each classroom and a series of social nodes to create connection between various learning environments. Through simple moves and refined textures, the interiors enhance opportunities for faculty and students to cross-pollinate ideas and collaborate to develop interdisciplinary content. Connection to each floor is emphasized with a bold, three-story educational art- wall that flanks the main stairway. The entry lobby features an homage to classic mid-century interior spaces: a sunken lounge creates a “conversation pit” utilized by students, faculty, and community members alike. The classic exterior remains largely unobstructed, new windows and an extended glass facade leads to day lit transition corridors on each floor.

Nearly 50 years after the building’s original construction, a new design respects and honors the structure of the past, yet embraces the evolution of our contemporary social needs.







lab consultant


phoenix, az 

maricopa county

community college district

58,000 sf

$12.4 m

fall 2018

ryan construction

research facilities design

matt winquist

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