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Anthem Civic and Community Center

The Anthem Community Council’s vision to “be a catalyst for the creation of community (and to) encourage inclusiveness and interaction between and among Anthem residents…” highlighted the need for a central location for council meetings, local meetings and special events. In 2011, the ACC purchased a former office building at a prominent location near the community’s gateway. The building, constructed in the mid 1990s was designed to ‘turn inward’ for private businesses and community offices. The project began with a desire to open the building up to residents and create a true ‘Civic Space’ at both small and large scales – to create, in essence, Anthem’s new ‘Living Room’.

The effort began with a complete upgrade to building’s energy systems for maximum efficiency and opening of the once maze-like floor plan. A new layout created a welcome center, as well as generous entrances and outdoor gathering areas. Anthem residents now have access to 36,500 sf of renovated space which includes a formal Community Council Board Room doubling as a large scale gathering space, multiple meeting rooms, classrooms, a fitness center, game room, and craft room. The project’s epicenter is a comfortable lounge just off the new outdoor terrace separated only by large retractable glass panels. The second floor houses Anthem Community Association’s Offices and HOA’s and is reached through a formerly dark and enclosed staircase, increasing visual accessibility and safety. Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has their new home at the Civic Building, complete with conference space, a public outreach zone and secures areas. Since opening day, the building has become a hub for daily visits and boasts a long list of residents signing on to book events and activities throughout the year ahead.








anthem, az 

26,000 sf

$1.6 million

winter 2014

brignall construction company


woodward engineering

bill timmerman

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