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GCC Dr. Phillip D. Randolph Automotive Technology Center

With limited resources, this new classroom building for GCC began as a remodel of a 1960’s academic building. Working closely with the selected contractor, HSS uncovered an opportunity to provide a new 40,000sf building within existing budget designed efficiently around program needs, including an administrative wing for faculty offices, conference center, specialized labs, material storage, and required safety zones. The building is designed with sliding walls for flexibility and seasonal connection to outdoor display & gathering areas.


Collaborating with campus leadership and program faculty, HSS designed the building’s plan to include a central workspace, flanked by classrooms, directly adjacent to instructional zones. This innovative plan expands services to students, allowing for greater connection to faculty members and more efficient use of school resources. Much like a maintenance yard with a public, campus-facing component, this Automotive Technology Center blends practical, economical and technological design considerations with an awareness that the building design must also be considered. Not only does the building sit proudly on the campus, but it creates flexible spaces for inevitable changes ahead, and inspires safety and collaboration.










glendale, az 

34,000 sf

$5.5 million

fall 2015

adolphson + peterson construciton

energy systems design

gbtwo landscape architecture

bill timmerman

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