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North 9th Street Residence - Best Luxury Homes

Created as case studies projects within an established Central Phoenix neighborhood, the Best Luxury Home projects set out to replace existing homes with new dwellings similar in scale, footprint and architectural vocabulary with additional goals of sustainability, flexibility, and contemporary aesthetic. Working directly with builders, Holly Street explored the nature of resilience and replicability in dwellings constructed under $150 /SF, nestled in the existing comfortable fabric of the city.


Inspired directly from the inherent value of the neighborhood - people, school, mature landscaping, the homes build on the good will and comfortable presence of their surroundings. These homes embrace a centralized focus on gathering and direct connection to the outdoors. Linear floor plans take advantage of long and narrow sites while creating generous public spaces, and private bedroom zones connect to one another. These designs challenged existing notions of spec home design with clarity rather than conformity at guiding principles. Both houses sold in record time, demonstrating a demand for elegant, adaptable dwellings regardless of family size and circumstance.






phoenix, az 

2,500 sf


summer 2015

best luxury homes

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