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Holly Street Studio Participates in the 2018 AIA Convention in NYC

Holly Street Studio is fresh off the path of our New York City adventure to the AIA Conference on Architecture.

This year’s theme, Building Better Cities unfolded in workshops, lectures and tours throughout Manhattan and beyond. Each year, the institute recognizes outstanding achievements by our peers and heroes, who then share their thoughts via keynotes and intimate conversations. Some of our favorite take always:

“The true importance of architecture lies in its ability to solve human problems, not stylistic ones. A building is too permanent and too influential on public life and personal comfort to be created primarily as ‘public art.’ ” - James Polshek, FAIA - Gold Medal Recipient

““The firm is a model of how architects can work against the perception that we’re these elites who only do work for rich people. In fact, we have something to contribute to the most ordinary kinds of buildings.” - Matt Krelich, FAIA, Snow Krelich Architects - Firm Award Recipients

NYC did not disappoint with miles of diminished tread on our walking shoes, we traversed the iconic High Line, as well as the winding streets of Chelsea.. It seems that as NYC goes, so goes the world. Good thing - even in the midst of a building boom the city reveals the power of open green space, multi-modal transportation, and the wonderful complexity of overlapping cultures, sensory experiences and unbounded energy.

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn and play together as a studio and look forward to bringing this energy and inspiration back to our clients on projects of all kinds.


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