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Faye Gray Recreation Center Awarded for Design Excellence at the 2018 AIA WMR Awards Gala

This year, the AIA Western Mountain Region held its annual conference in Tucson, Arizona. The Faye Gray Recreation Center was awarded a Citation Award for Design Excellence.

Here’s what the building’s photographer, Bill Timmerman had to say on the day he shot the project:

What I noticed at Faye Gray was something akin to the feelings of community I remember having as a youngster in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Everyone, at least from my young perspective, seemed to be happy and fully engaged in world of potential. The feeling was one of brimming joy.  I could see that many of the Faye Gray community were engaged in precisely the same way. In creating the center, your team has have given these youngsters a path to grow into the world as if they matter.  The energy was palpable…. 

This proves once again - the power we have as architects to make a real difference. Here’s to success like this for all of us, wherever we practice.


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