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Maryvale Pool House

The City of Phoenix Aquatics Department operates multiple swimming pool sites across the Valley, open to the public during the summer months for activities that bring neighborhoods together, provide children with safe swimming instruction and water recreation. For the Maryvale Community, the group’s vision centered around connectivity to an existing youth center, and adjacent park. Many of the neighborhood children spend the better part of summer days in and around the center, making a flexible, safe, highly visible pool zone imperative. The Poolhouse would need to address visitors arriving from public transportation and insure that entrance to the facility could be easily monitored.

The recipient of an AIA Design Award in 2009, the design exploited the minimal project scope with the creation of separate, smaller buildings that would open exterior gathering spaces in between. These gathering spaces were covered with trellis and overhangs, creating impromptu teaching zones, dry play areas, and seating alcoves for those arriving to swim as well as their spectators. The central building addresses both the main entrance and the pool deck with elevated zones for lifeguards, and pool management. Built in benches allow for a deck free of pool furniture and organize participants for crowded events. Accessible changing rooms take advantage of natural daylight and evaporative cooling, while solar panels at the entrance canopy provide more than 100% of the needed power to keep the facility open during the summer months. Colorful blocks and pictograms give each structure its identity and express playfulness in keeping with the park’s purpose.

“I appreciate your Holly Street’s willingness to be personal and provide an intimate feel to the working relationship. Your sense of quality and experience places you in competition with larger firms. Your flexibility in meeting our needs was much appreciated. Holly Street has sent a message that valuing accessible, public spaces is important for the future of Phoenix”

Amy Blakeney, Aquatics Director, City of Phoenix








phoenix, az 

3,500 sf

$1.5 million

spring 2009

brignall construction company

ame engineers

woodward engineering

bill timmerman

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2009 AIA AZ Citation Award

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