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Heard Museum Central Campus

The internationally recognized Heard Museum is dedicated to the sensitive and accurate portrayal of Native Arts and Cultures of the Southwest. Since it’s founding in 1929, the institution has served as a destination for art, culture and oral histories. A desire by Museum leaders to update the campus masterplan kicked off a series of architectural evolutions including the redesign of the central gallery – housing its core collection: HOME: Native Peoples in the Southwest.

The 18,000sf HOME project design employs a series of sculptural screens that create enclosure and imply movement throughout the gallery. Demonstrating close collaboration with the exhibit design team, the design of the space invites visitors to use interactive touch screen technologies, a video pod, movie theatre and experience regular changing exhibits. There are places for group presentations as well as quiet contemplation. Transition areas allow for eased passage into the daylight of the garden and onward into the adobe brick ‘banco’ enclosed outdoor gathering space. Visitors now have maximum access to the core collection, with an open plan, daylight, and full height displays revealing a greater cross section of the Heard’s vast collections. The updated HVAC system, environmental controls, lighting, provide increased security, energy efficiency and maximum comfort.

“Holly Street Studio has created beautiful and sympathetic spaces that engage our users on many layered levels. They are experienced professionals in both construction and design issues.  They are, among other traits, very creative, good listeners, extremely accommodating and delightful to work with.”

Frank Goodyear, Director, Heard Museum








phoenix, az 

18,000 sf

$5 million


brignall construction company

landmark facilities group

bill timmerman

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